Competition Challenges

In this Robotics Competition, you need to complete the two challenges – Obstacle Avoiding and Line following.

Obstacle Avoiding :  Your Robot must be moving inside the square box for 90 sec without touching the walls ( will update dimensions soon ).  Robot must be running with Arduino microcontroller and ultrasonic sensor in this challenge. 

Line Following : Robot needs to complete the line track within 5 min. and it should be follow throughout the track.  Robot must be running with Arduino microcontroller and max. of 2 IR Sensors in this challenge. Line track will update soon!

Obstacle Avoiding

Line Following

E - Gain Section

Arduino - Micro Controller

From this video,  you can learn – what actually Arduino is ? and what it will supposed to do?  

Arduino is a  programmable electronic board which can use in simple Robotics Projects. Using Arduino we can read and write the data from sensors ( In our competition we are getting and sending the data from IR sensor and Ultrasonic sensor ) easily. 

For more information and technical things about Arduino. Visit this official Arduino website

What is Arduino? | Arduino

Infrared ( IR ) Sensor

Infrared Sensors can emit and detect infrared radiation. In Line follower Robot, IR sensors are used to detect the black line.

How IR sensors detecting Black line in Line Follower Robot ?

Mostly in Line follower Robot challenges we use Black color line to detect easily because black is said to be perfect absorber and white is to be said perfect reflector. The reflection will be different for different colors. That’s why IR Sensors are using in Line follower Robots. 

Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensors are best for measure the distance of short range objects. For working and uses of ultrasonic sonic sensor check this video.

What is the max. distance can calculate using Ultrasonic Sensor?

 Upto 200 cm, we can measure using ultrasonic sensor. 

In Obstacle avoiding robot, ultrasonic sensor is used to measure the distance of the robot from objects in front of it. If the robot is reached specified restricted distance from the object, it stops and move to another direction. We need to specify the stopping distance in Program itself.