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Our Story

Three passionate engineers started RoboticSchools in 2021, with a mission to revolutionize STEM education. Fueled by the desire to bridge the gap between technology and learning, we embarked on a journey to create an innovative platform. Within just two years, our vision expanded to 12 countries, showcasing the global impact of our unique approach. 

In this short span, we’ve proudly imparted knowledge to over 5000 students, guiding them through our comprehensive programs. Each student has contributed to more than 20000 happy hours of learning with us, a testament to the engaging and impactful education we provide at RoboticSchools. Our story is one of passion, dedication, and a commitment to shaping the future of tech education worldwide. Join us in this exciting journey of innovation and discovery! 


Empowering every child for a tech-driven future, we aspire to lead globally in innovative STEM education.


Nurturing next-gen tech leaders, offering transformative learning that sparks creativity and a love for knowledge.

Our Commitment

"Innovation Unleashed" – where learning knows no bounds, and every moment is a celebration of curiosity at RoboticSchools.

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The Minds Behind


RoboticSchools is committed to transforming the traditional learning landscape. With a blend of engaging content, interactive exercises, and cutting-edge technology, we ensure every learner finds their path to success

Dinesh Reddy K. | Co-founder
Bridging Education and Innovation

Dinesh, Former Research Associate & Co-founder of RoboticSchools, is passionate about bridging the gap between academic education and the skills needed for future tech leaders. Since starting as a passion project in 2021, RoboticSchools has grown under his leadership to impact 7+ nations. Dinesh's vision is to make technology education accessible worldwide, ensuring every child has the opportunity to become a tech-savvy innovator.

Dr. Yogesh C | Partner
Leadership in Robotics Education

Dr. Yogesh C, a dynamic entrepreneur and professional doctor, is passionate about robotics and automation. His passion for robotics and automation led him to join hands with the founders of RoboticSchools, where he now serves as the Director and COO. Dr. Yogesh's leadership and strategic vision are key to driving the growth and ongoing success of RoboticSchools, inspiring the next generation of talented innovators and engineers.

Muni Sekhar M. | Co-founder
Leading with Technology and Vision

Muni Sekhar, our Co-founder, spearheads technology-driven education at RoboticSchools. With a prestigious background from IIIT AP and a history of winning global competitions, he excels as both a leader and a mentor. In just two years, RoboticSchools has expanded to 12 countries, impacting over 3000 students. Muni is dedicated to revolutionizing education and preparing the leaders of tomorrow through innovative tech learning.

Dr Manoj Kumar P
Visionary and Advocate

Dr. Manoj, a distinguished orthopedic surgeon and entrepreneur, brings his passion for robotics and automation in medicine to RoboticSchools. With significant investments in the medical, real estate, and construction sectors, Dr. Manoj is committed to empowering the next generation through cutting-edge education in robotics. His leadership and dedication are pivotal to the mission and growth of RoboticSchools, driving innovation and excellence.

Dr. C. Sowdin Reddy
Innovator and Leader

Dr. C. Sowdin Reddy, an accomplished laparoscopic surgeon and entrepreneur, has invested in various medical, agricultural, and edtech startups. With a passion for robotics and automation in medicine, he aims to inspire the next generation. Recognizing the extended use of robotics in the medical field, he joined hands with the founders of Roboticschools as a partner. Dr. Reddy is dedicated to enhancing and encouraging young minds to embrace technological advancements.

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