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RoboticSchools Kits

RoboticSchools Kits

Unlock the full potential of hands-on learning with our RoboticSchools Kits. Each kit is thoughtfully designed to complement our courses, providing all the essential tools and components needed for exciting, interactive projects.

Raspberry Pi Explorer Kit​

Ignite your passion for computing and technology with the Raspberry Pi Explorer Kit from Roboticschools. Delve into the world of programming, electronics, and digital making with the powerful Raspberry Pi platform.

Microbit Discovery Box

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of coding and electronics with the Microbit Discovery Box from Roboticschools. Dive deep into hands-on learning experiences and unlock the potential of the Microbit platform.

Arduino Wonder Box

Dive into the fascinating world of robotics and electronics with our kit designed to spark creativity and curiosity. Packed with essential components and sensors, helps kids to build, innovate, and learn hands-on.