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Online Group Math Classes for Grades K-12

Personalized math tutoring designed to boost your child’s confidence and academic performance, tailored to their unique learning needs.

Mr. Venu Madhav Reddy is a highly experienced mathematics teacher with over 16 years of teaching experience across various countries, including Africa, the Gulf, and the USA. Holding an MSc and a BEd in Mathematics, he has a strong academic background that complements his extensive teaching career.

Mr. Venu Madhav Reddy’s passion for mathematics began in his school days, and he started teaching while still a second-year college student. His dedication to the subject has led him to teach over 10,000 students, instilling in them a love for mathematics and preparing them for future challenges.

He quotes, “I fell in love with maths as a young school kid, and I started teaching maths when I was still a second-year student at college. Over the course of 16+ years, I’ve personally taught maths to over 10,000 students. What drives me to be the best teacher – where I still teach daily – is the fact that in tomorrow’s AI world, maths proficiency will no longer be optional for our children.

Mr. Venu Madhav Reddy’s commitment to education and his belief in the importance of math proficiency in an AI-driven future make him a valuable educator, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of mathematically skilled individuals.

Mr. Venu Madhav Reddy

Dedicated Mathematics Educator

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